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We can't change the world, but we can make a difference!

Being a part of CBS Group, each company has to demonstrate high social responsibility towards their customers and employees. Especially the ones, which are part of the public utilities - meeting and serving more than half a million customers on a daily basis, keeping an eye on their market positions and customer feedback. The companies of the holding have quite diversified directions of corporate responsibility. For example, more than 600 000 loyal monthly customers of Georgian National Lottery are notified that a part of their payments for the company’s products are transferred to support youth sports tournaments and education. Second part of the companies help poor families and try their best to improve their daily lives. Decided by the management, supporting people with disabilities became another important direction for the partners of CBS Group. Because of that, different kinds of activities are held annually to empower children with special needs.
Every employee - as an important pillar of the system is equally important for each company of the holding. Market and economic crisis caused by covid-19 turned out to be the major challenge for CBS Group. Although, even during the full lockdown, company managed to keep each job position, employee and salary the same as before.
CBS Groups thinks of global warming and all the interconnected problems as one of the most crucial issue the world is facing nowadays. That’s exactly why the large part of the companies participate in activities like clean-up and planting actions quite frequently. Our partners are also collaborating with non-governmental organizations - working to reduce industrial waste globally.
The holding also prioritizes investing and developing projects with renewable energy sources, as well as financing related researches. Since its establishment, more than several million laris were spent by the companies of the holding to make the world a better place.