Restaurant Qalaquri

In the center of the capital, in the historic part of the city, restaurant owned by the business group "City" will be reconstructed and later it will be presented as one of the unique hotels. As part of the renovation, the foreign architect will work with local art scholars to modify the look of the building so that it adapts to the architecture of the surrounding area as much as possible and does not violate the requirements related to the cultural heritage sites. The area behind the complex is also a cultural heritage property which is also owned by the company and will be restored as part of the ongoing project, which means the complete restoration of its original appearance. As a result, in this important (both historical and tourist) area, we get a hotel overlooking the spectacular views of Anchiskhati Temple, Presidential Palace, Rike. Visitors to Anchiskhati, as well as tourists or locals alike, will find well-organized infrastructure nearby and be able to fully absorb and enjoy the beauty of the area, revitalized and restored by ancient historical heritage sites.