Project Center at Central Station

1600 sq.m., located in front of the subway station in Tbilisi, nearby the train station. The multi-functional complex is planned on the square, where the minibus parking is arranged today.

It is noteworthy that the architecture of the complex is well aligned with other previously built buildings in this territory.

Functionally, there will be a mini-bus stop (so-called last stop) on the lower floor of the building, which will be closed, but at the same time, ventilated, providing comfort for passengers in cold and rainy weather while waiting for public transport.

In addition to the mini-bus parking, the four floors of the building will have a parking lot, which can accommodate about 125 units of cars at the same time. The existence of such a parking lot will help to improve the parking situation in the area. The building will have a variety trading places, with a three-star hotel planned on its upper floors, which is also important due to its close proximity to the local train station.

On the design of the existing project is working Giorgi Khmaladze, one of the best architects in the world.